An Ode to Ms Thoko Chikondi – a Victim of Police Brutality

Ms Thoko Chikondi, c/o the Nation Publications Limited

Dear Madame Thoko

Please accept congratulations from I, Wise One from the East, on the recognition of your outstanding work and work ethic by the barbaric Malawi Police Dis-Service.

As are well aware, Wise One from the East appreciates the good work that people like you are tirelessly doing to inform the Malawi nation right on the front-line.

It is rare breeds like you, dedicated to the capturing, recording and disseminating events as they unfold – even in the face of great personal danger as the Malawi Police Dis-service has demonstrated on your person and equipment; that are keeping the fire burning.

Recognising that a truly vigilant and free press is the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty; I am humbled to observe that Malawi has brave women (like you) and men that refuse to be intimidated and will risk their personal well-being to capture the truth in words or in pictures.

I, for one, believe that Malawians must be well informed to make decisions regarding their lives, their community and most importantly the type of leadership they have.

Given your admirable work as a ranking photo-journalist, I hope you will not be intimidated but will now even become more motivated to lobby for policies that encourage a climate where journalism can be practiced freely, so that the public can make informed decisions.

As a member of the journalism community, you know that our puppet police and their bosses are less constrained about roughing up journalists to block them for carrying their work without fear or favour.

Finally, please know that you – and anyone from your profession – are welcome anytime with questions, advice or even exchange of notes on any topical issues of importance to mother Malawi and humanity at large.

Again, I extend hearty congratulations on your resounding victory over Malawi Police Dis-service’s brutality!

You are a star!



Wise One from the East


To the barbaric Malawi Police Dis-service, I have this message: “You are Malawi’s disgrace – still living the age of zinjathropus!” Mukufuna kindibloggetsa pambali eti!


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