Last night, I had a nightmare…about Malawi

I dreamt that I was some idiot,
And like Gobo Launcelot,
was day in and day out
On Facebook posting “successes” of a government running riot
But happily for us all, on its way out!

Believe you me, I had a nightmare.
A dream so horrible but so rare,
That made a lady photo-journalist’s beating by policemen seem fair,
In parliament grounds’s open air.

Help me people’s parrots!
Lest I ride some chariots!
And start behaving like some harlots!
That yesterday were blue, and today are carrots!
Mindless of the fact that we heading towards ballots!

How can I tell the story of my dream?
Who will help me make it roar like steam?
And make it, like a car’s floodlights, into the darkness yonder, beam?
When just yesteryear it did seem,
That long at last, press freedom, was within!

I had a nightmare
I am still living this nightmare
A dream so bad, with nothing to compare
And yet, some want to convince me all this is fair!
Oh Ye Brutish beasts come not into my lair!
And tell me that towards elections, like in love, all is fair!
Because I am living in a nightmare!

– A special dedication to the media in Malawi, and especially to Thoko Chikondi (brutalised by Malawi Police, in the line of duty).


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