My first salvo on Bingu’s Billions

BillionsSo far I am yet to hear a lucid case or position from my many lively Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) colleagues and the DPP itself on this issue.

I am especially interested in what Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika has to say.

Do I take it that there is none?

And that the billions are indeed loot?

All I have heard and seen are futile attacks on the poor messenger “Yeremiah Chihana”.

Why shoot the messenger?

Can’t these guys come up with something more original?

Honestly, I am very disappointed and I can bet that late Bingu wa Mutharika is weeping with disappointment, where ever he is.

As to the Peoples Party (PP), I am surprised that they have the nerve to find the moral high ground to “celebrate” this “discovery” when their Party President Joyce Banda and her hangers on are adamantly refusing to do the right and moral thing and declare her assets on a legal technicality. I truly pity them.

I would have called them imbeciles, but I will hold this until they make their cases.

Any takers out there?


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