Wise One’s Official Statement on Developments in Egypt

While in principle, I agree that democratically elected governments should not be removed unconstitutionally like has happened to Morsi in Egypt; I do not agree that any democratically elected government is licensed to cater for the whims of a few and govern with impunity.

This is what Morsi’s government is essentially “guilty” of, among other things.

Morsi and his Brotherhood have since being elected passed a few unnecessary and regressive laws against all voices of reason.  This is a mistake Morsi has reportedly “confessed” to.

Coming back home (to Malawi), Morsi’s Egypt was constantly reminding me of Bingu wa Mutharika’s Malawi and to extent his Morsi’s end also mirrors the end of Mutharika’s rule.

In Malawi, we had a president and government elected with a landslide victory (in 2009) which quickly and inexplicably elected to cater for one tribe and a few select idiots and sycophants from other tribes, and worse, was not tolerant at all of dissenting voices.

At one point, I sincerely prayed for what has happened to Morsi is Egypt. But in the final analysis what has happened in Egypt is what happened in Malawi in April 2012 with one key difference.

While in Malawi we waited for God’s hand – and God intervened; in Egypt they have used the Army’s hand.

Just as DPP was “unconstitutionally” removed from power by divine intervention, so has the Morsi’s Brotherhood but by military intervention!

In the final analysis both the cases of Morsi’s Brotherhood and DPP “divine” ouster are pregnant with lessons for our leaders and leaders to be; more so their vocal and often misguided supporters.


One thought on “Wise One’s Official Statement on Developments in Egypt

  1. I was clear that Mutharika violated the constitution under which he was elected, and violated it left right and centre. Including severe violations of human rights of the Malawian population up to the point of murder (Chasowa and twenty demonstrators).


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