Malawi’s filthy, stinking rich…

Malawi’s living Top Ten Billionaires….

  1. Dr E.D Nyirongo at K52 billion. (Real estate, farming, exports rare earth, bauxite).
  2. Eleson Bakili Muluzi (former president) at K51.5 billion. (Transcom, Petroda, Farming, shares in more than 25 companies in Malawi and abroad).
  3. Leston Mulli (and Mulli Brothers Ltd) at K51 billion. (Mulli Holdings Ltd made up of some 60 companies).
  4. Mrs. Aisha Ephraim- K49 billion (Aisha Group of Companies. Construction Company with more than 167 flats in Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya – among others.)Who is Who
  5. President Joyce Banda: Amount is still being investigated by yours truly, Wise One from the East. Understandably, she does not want the amount known. Those with average arithmetic skills can deduce and by making reference to her assets as declared in 2009, arrive at their own conclusions. Fact is: her wealth lies between the fourth above and the sixth below.
  6. Ninkawa Transporters at K45 Billion (Transportation – more than 225 trucks are operating in the SADC Region).
  7. Ms Joanna Mkandawire at 31years old is the youngest. Her wealth is at K43 Billion. She is the CEO and co-founder of Road Financial Services in UK. This firm recently opened a subsidiary in Malawi.
  8. Rashy N. R. Gaffar at K42 Billion (Transportation).
  9. Prof Peter Mutharika at K40 Billion (Mainly inheritance, farming and some life savings).
  10. Sidik Mia at K38 Billion (Livestock – Cold Storages Co and Event Management and Planning.

Anyone with something to add or subtract, feel free to email me in confidence at wiseonefromtheeast(at)

As usual, at Malawi’s  service.

Expect more.



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