Of Chibwana’s one party state wish and resignation: Slip of the tongue or peak of an iceberg? Chibwana’s next appointment will tell a story

I resignReports of Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS)’s resignation – after his deluded back to one party state remarks, which were a disgrace to any freedom loving Malawian given that fighting the one party state was a monumental task which we would not want our children to live (and die) through again, have hit me like sweet music.

While it is gratifying that the delusion has finally, quickly and conclusively caught up with the man, I am mindful of the fact that common practice by Malawi’s leaders is to “recycle” such misguided zealots cum praise singers into other positions.

Going by past experience, most probably, soon and very soon, Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS) will now get a salaried job, with his perks paid for by the tax payers – the very same people he would, if wishes were horses, shepherd back into an “Egypt” of the failed one party state.

While as a nation, we should be quick forgive those who err when they realize their mistakes; I find the whole notion of recycling people who have, by the implied admission via his resignation, gone totally “bonkers”:

  1. Repulsive and totally repugnant,
  2. Inexcusable and intolerable,
  3. An insufferable manifestation of a pitiful deficiency of good leadership, and
  4. Grossly discriminating given that Malawi is a country of 15 million and that Malawi is not necessarily short of talent.

There are several other relatively clean people who deserve a chance, yours truly excluded, since he is not interested.

Chibwana 2Without condemning Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS) to hell, I want to put it in black and white that appeasing him with another post – in whatever capacity and funded by the tax payers money – as it will soon transpire, will mean that the Peoples Party (PP) is indeed incubating one party delusions and that Henry Chibwana (BT1PS)’s only blunder was to spill the beans before the right PP time.

The next move, by President Joyce Banda vis-à-vis Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS)’s next assignment, holds the key. Then and only then, shall Malawians be able to confirm if the one party state remarks were a personal delusion or if there is more than meets the eye and that Chibwana was acting in  good faith, PP-wise.

Moving forward, I want to urge party zealots in all political parties that they should re-consider their blind loyalty and think through public pronouncements before they open their mouths because, as can be seen from the experience of Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS)’s experience; zealotry can damage the reputation of the very parties you want to sell.

Mr Henry Chibwana (BT1PS), fare thee well!


BT1PS is a dishonour awarded by this blogger, after exhaustive consultations with Malawi’s Facebook generation, on Mr Henry Chibwana.

BT1PS means that the hitherto honourable gentleman has now been admitted into the Hall of Shame of extremists who would, for self-serving reasons, want Malawi to retrogress into a one party state.

  • B:           Back
  • T:            to
  • 1:            One
  • P:            Party
  • S:            State

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