Tenders and Vendors of Death

IVsFrom the archives – an article dated: Oct 25, 2012 Title:  “Poisons Board recalls substandard drugs”

Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board (PMPB) is recalling drugs, from dealers, on suspicion of being substandard.

Board Acting Registrar, Wilford Mathiya, said the medicines are aspirin tablets manufactured by Pharmanova Limited and have an expiry date of July 2014 while ringers lactate with an expiry date of December 2013 was manufactured by Nirma Limited.

This was revealed during a post marketing inspection that the board carried out in various clinics, medicine stores, wholesale shops and pharmacies across the country.

We carried out an inspection last month and it was found that some of the drugs were substandard and were not supposed to be taken as medication,” Mathiya said.

He said some of the aspirin tablets were found at Lightcane Pharmaceuticals in Blantyre while some of the ringers Lactate drugs were found at Chiradzulu District Health Office (DHO).

It was discovered that the drugs were not meeting the specifications. For instance, when some of the aspirin bottles were opened, they produced a bad smell while ringers lactate developed mould which clearly revealed that a degradation process was taking place,” he said.

Taking substandard medicine can have fatal effects on patients, Adrian Chikumbe, Ministry of Health deputy spokesperson has said.

Some of them might become very poisonous while some may not produce the desired effect in a patient when taken,” Chikumbe said.

Due to such effects that substandard drugs might have, Mathiya said it is pertinent that the drugs be recalled.

We are calling on the public especially all the wholesalers and the distribution points to follow up the drugs from those who purchased them and recall them for a possible replacement,” he said.

Mathiya attributes the degradation of the drugs to poor storage conditions.

All the drugs have prescribed storage conditions by the manufacturers such that if not followed, degradation is bound to take place,” he said.

However, Mathiya said the board has exonerated the manufacturers because all the drugs in the country are tested before they are made available for distribution.

Meanwhile, the board is monitoring the recall process through its inspectorate activities.

The End

Medicine drugs
Medicine drugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. What is the truth behind this news?
  2. Who are the main culprits?
  3. How can this dangerous practice, driven by greed and sustained by high level corruption be stemmed?


Stand by as Wise One from the East, in a series of articles titled: “Tenders and Vendors of Death” takes on one of the most powerful and corrupt businessmen to ever roam Malawi; answering these questions in the process.

These articles are a result of painstaking investigations that have taken close to two years.

Brace yourself, but never ever fear: palibe wamuyaya.



Take time to check out my original blog, suspended at the instigation of one of the villains unearthed by these investigations.


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