One cow, one maize – People go and register!

I stand in the valley of impending starvation, watching my one cow graze
With my mind in a whirlwind thinking about maize
Indeed my powers of concentration are in a maze
And all this is because
Until May 2014, am informed: it is one cow, one maize.

The economy was indeed in disarray
Back in April 2012 when my mom re-joined the fray
But, the silos were full and in barns cobs of maize aplenty were
Only by neglect to be allowed to decay
Because all that beloved mom wished for me was one cow, one maize.

And now beloved mom is rationing maize
As all the people towards May 2014 now gaze
Everyone in disbelief is in a daze.
We have not seen the worst of this phase
Because what we do not need is one cow or one maize.

ADMARC I have heard is under siege
Beloved mom wants all the maize to besiege
So that come campaign time mom can the maize dispense
And for this the people votes to bequeath
So that dear mom can guarantee one cow, one goat and one maize.

In 2012 mom spent K50 billion on FISP,
Only to line up the pockets of Export Trading, Simama, Nyiombo and PP
This year 2013 mom will spend K60 on FISP,
Only to fatten the wallets of Export Trading, Simama, Nyiombo and PP
Any wonder then that all I have to show for these billions is one cow, one maize?

Who will rise up from the east?
My people, to free from corrupt beasts?
Which now on the fat of the mother land feast?
While the poor are thought of the least?
And of what use will one cow be, if there is only one maize?

To comfort my people is not my wish
Because in their hands, they hold the leash
Time is now for my people, mediocrity to relinquish!
To register in numbers, and come May 2014 mediocrity to refuse!
Because in 21st century, we cannot be talking about one cow, one maize!

My people will you arise?

Maize (Zea mays) plant with ears, the baby cor...
Maize (Zea mays) plant with ears, the baby corn growing level தமிழ்: இளங்கதிர்கள், நன்கு வளர்நிலையில் இருக்கிறது. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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