Opinion Poll – Presidential Election

Opinion Poll – Presidential Election.


4 thoughts on “Opinion Poll – Presidential Election

  1. Congratulations to all 2014 presidential candidates with their running mate. It was not an easy task to come up with these running mate especially for Lazarous Chakwera of MCP and Joice Banda of PP. For a man who has been in POLITICS for 6 months, it’s really a challenge and for woman who has gone through a number of challenges within two years of her presidency and considering the fact that greedy politicians are always associated with ruling party in Malawi. However mama, you have lost my vote because cashgate which is still mysterious to me is thorn in fresh. Objectively my vote is going to Lazarous Chakwera.This man has made a number of wonderful surprises within 7 months of his politics. He is my man indeed.


  2. I think people can agree with me by saying that there are four major front runner political parties in this coming May 20, 2014 General Election, namely MCP,DPP,PP and UDF.I have observed that there one unique description for each party. MCP IS THE MAJOR SURVIVOR OF DEMOCRATIC TIMES.DPP IS THE SURVIVOR OF THE PALACE.PP IS THE SURVIVOR OF CIRCUMSTANCES IN PALACE.UDF IS THE SURVIVOR OF ETHNIC VOTE. What I mean that MCP survived the TESTS of Democracy. DPP was born in Palace and grew bigger there. PP born within circumstances in palace and grew while in palace. UDF survived by ethnic vote.(YAO).NOTE:The rivalry between PP and DPP is due to the fact that both grew while in Palace.


  3. All parties have been tested we know their strengths and weaknesses. what we are seeing now is a blame game between PP,blaming DPP to have started cash agate the DPP blames UDF to have started the whole thing (kumachenjera pa townsyndrome) now substituted by (kutakata) If we are serious with our country Its high time we usher into government the Mighty MCP.
    The only clean passionate, experienced and mature party.
    I am saying this only for the sake of developing this country but If some are looking at individual benefits then lets continue thinking of other parties.
    How can some one today say I found nothing in the government tomorrow we notice huge sums of money looted into the very same government.
    PLEASE CHAKWERA is the only hope as we look on to GOD


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