Follow, follow, follow, follow! Follow the leader!

Microphone-with-its-Your-TurnLack of patriotism is faulting a candidate who has dared to walk the talk, by publicly declaring what he owns. I can dare add that those faulting Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s public asset declaration are:

  • displaying the most sickening type of sour grapes, and
  • have chosen to conveniently forget where were are coming from, even before cash-gate came on the scene.

Fast Facts:

President Joyce Banda, despite backing the demos that led to the July 20 massacre; in which among other things the Malawi public demanded asset declaration from late Bingu wa Mutharika, has over the last two years concocted all sorts of excuses for her not to publicly disclose her billions.

In fact, at first, she had all a whole library of legal excuses following which she was refusing to declare assets to the speaker under the current non-transparent and weak asset declaration regime upon assuming Malawi’s highest office.

Your turnAtupele Muluzi has talked about public disclosure of assets. He has even promised to make his assets public.

In fact at the last presidential debate, addressing Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, Atupele urged Dr. Chakwera to lead by example by declaring assets publicly even though the law does not require this.

Little did he know that Dr Lazarus Chakwera was just waiting for the appointed day and time; and the day and time was today.

As to Prof Peter Mutharika’s views on when he will make his public declaration I do not know. Tikudikirabe. So far, his priority it would appear, was declaring two children. We want to know the assets bwana!

Tell us how many goats and chairs you have, not children.

Bwana Atupele, osamangodziwa kuyankhula iyayi, please walk the talk! And hey, Madame President Joyce Banda, please follow the leader!

The chips are now down on the road to Kamuzu Palace!

Your Turn 2


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